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Non-Verbal Transmission
by Devin Knight & Al Mann

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Non-Verbal Transmission by Devin Knight & Al Mann

Imagine the performer going to a corner in any room, turning his back so he can’t see what is going on and having someone just point to a card from a deck spread face up on a table. With no verbal communication from his assistant, the performer then reveals the card.

He does this without seeing the deck and without the aid of secret electronics. The performer can be closely watched and nothing will be found to be amiss. This is a real fooler done under test conditions and will fool many magicians.

Full Effect: The mentalist or medium goes to a corner of the room and turns his back. He is guarded, searched and subjected to any other stringency the audience might wish. The performer’s assistant picks up a borrowed deck of cards. Removes them from their case and has anyone shuffle them thoroughly. The deck is spread faces up on the table and any spectator (not a stooge) points to any card. Your assistant returns the cards to the box and leaves them on the table for all to see. The performer, still in the corner with his back turned, does not ask any questions, but rather immediately and correctly reveals the pointed to card.

There has been no talking by anyone throughout the entire performance. As all the directions were explained to the audience before the cards were removed from their case. There is no guesswork, percentages, electronics, wires, mirrors, vibrators, lights, wax, thread, trick decks, switches, palming or confederates used. You can perform this miracle 20 minutes after reading the directions. This system is always ready at a moment’s notice. No preparation is needed and the deck doesn’t need to be complete. Positively no forcing, you can use any deck anywhere.

You can teach this to your spouse or assistant in a few minutes. Compare this method with any you now use and you will see its superiority. The conditions in which this telepathy is performed could not be fairer.

1st edition 2019, 7 pages.
word count: 1822 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text