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by Ritaprova Sen

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Pentagon by Ritaprova Sen

Packed with field tested material - this ebook will offer you 5 effects and moves that'll be sure to give your magician friends a blow in their gut. This contains an out of the box poker demonstration, a creative variation of the "Triumph effect", an extremely useful utility switch, an "at the table" four-of-a-kind production and a subtle table false cut.

  1. The last challenge: The magician takes a fully shuffled deck and deals five hands of poker - and after each deal he offers the audience a choice of exchanging his hand with theirs. In spite of this seemingly fair process the magician ends up with a four of a kind with prior knowledge so as to which 4 of a kind is going to fall to him. As a bonus kicker ending he gathers up the cards and deals another round of hands with 5 cards each and stills ends up with a royal flush or a straight.
  2. Gajar ka Halwa production: The magician takes a shuffled deck and out jogs the 4 aces and leaves them on the table and cuts three of the aces in the centre of the deck. The deck is given a riffle shuffle. The last ace is now inserted into the deck and pushed flush, immediately the magician cuts the deck into piles and visually produces the 4 aces.
  3. The gambit cut: A fancy yet seemingly genuine false cut.
  4. Instant Triumph: A smooth and elegant at the table triumph.
  5. Intuition plus: The magician keeps a card as a prediction in a wine glass displayed in full view. The deck is ribbon spread and the spectator is asked to choose a card. The chosen card and the prediction is turned over - they turn out to be exact mates.

1st edition 2019, 21 pages.
word count: 3402 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text