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Many get started with a stamp or coin collection. Such habits can later shift to more expensive objects such as old cars, paintings or antique furniture. But financial resources have never stopped any true collector. Many collectible items can be had for free or very little. Think about bottles, cans, and tokens or other nick-nacks others throw in the trash. The key to a successful collection is knowledge and here are ebooks to help you learn more.

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Douglas A. Mudd & Michael Fagin
Money and Sovereignty as Expressed in Gold Coinage by Douglas A. Mudd & Michael Fagin

History, sovereignty, geography and money are timely topics in todays global economic marketplace.

Money has attracted a major part of mankind’s attention since its invention in Asia Minor in the 7th century B.C. It has had many uses over the ages beyond its original development for purposes of long distance trade and military power. Among the most important and least studied is the use of money as a means of communication through their designs and legends. A nation’s money is often the first impression a visitor gets of the nature of a country. As such, the designs and legends placed...

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