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In a very broad sense, art is a work (usually an object or performance) that exhibits a human creative skill. Art encompasses a wide array of expressive forms including but not restricted to drawing, painting, poetry, writing, dance, film, and music. The earliest extant examples of pictorial art are the cave paintings of Chauvet in France which have been dated to 33,000 BCE.

The question of ‘what art is’ has been explored for centuries by philosophers, and more recently by academics specializing in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences who are interested in what art can reveal about individuals and society.

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Graham Hey
How To Get Your Screenplay Read by Graham Hey

Thousands, even hundreds of thousands of writers out there would love to get their work in the hands of a Hollywood production company, but how do you do it?

Well, there are the traditional routes of getting your work read, or there is the way that I did it. My way is the way to do it if you haven't been to some top screenwriters academy (is there such a thing?) or don't have the inside connections that it's always really useful to have. I had all the same sort of replies that everyone else gets: "No unsolicited scripts!" I had zero contacts, so I formulated a plan.

In the past few years,...

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