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Film & Video in Art

Film and video are audio visual mediums. Film is a series of still images recorded on a clear ribbon of tape covered in a light sensitive emulsion. The tape is then projected and played at a speed fast enough [between 24 -72 frames per second depending on technology used] to give the impression of movement. Video recordings use a magnetic tape and are played using a video player and a television for the display.

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Graham Hey
How To Get Your Screenplay Read by Graham Hey

Thousands, even hundreds of thousands of writers out there would love to get their work in the hands of a Hollywood production company, but how do you do it?

Well, there are the traditional routes of getting your work read, or there is the way that I did it. My way is the way to do it if you haven't been to some top screenwriters academy (is there such a thing?) or don't have the inside connections that it's always really useful to have. I had all the same sort of replies that everyone else gets: "No unsolicited scripts!" I had zero contacts, so I formulated a plan.

In the past few years,...

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