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Norman Triplett

Norman Triplett

(October 1st, 1861 – 1934)

Norman Triplett was an American psychologist. He is the father of sports psychology. He found that some cyclists perform better when cycling with others than when cycling alone. He later expanded his tests to children.

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Norman Triplett
The Psychology of Conjuring Deceptions by Norman Triplett

This study identifies deep lying instincts and impulses of the psychic life are the basic elements in conjuring. Its aim is to show the psychological reasons of deception of a magic effect. It also provides an extensive classification of magic tricks.


  1. Origin of Conjuring.
  2. Classification and Typical Examples of Modern Conjuring Tricks.
  3. The Training of the Conjurer.
  4. Psychological Justification of the Rules and Practices of the Conjurer, treated under
    1. Attention
    2. Perception
    3. Suggestion and Association
    4. Suggestion and the Law of Economy
  5. Sociological and Pedagogical Observations. ...
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