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Nu-Way Private Reading
by Devin Knight

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Nu-Way Private Reading by Devin Knight

This is one of the cleverest methods ever devised for a one-on-one answering of a written question. The basic method was first created by W. G. Magnuson and later improved on by myself. The spectator writes a question on a slip of paper and folds it into fourths. The mentalist doesn't do the folding. The spectator is then given a match and asked to burn the slip that has been in full view at all times. There is no center tear, nor is the slip torn in any manner. The spectator folds up his question and burns it. The slip is not put into an envelope at any time, it merely rests on a deck of cards.

The performer has the spectator remove five cards from the deck. From these cards the performer gives a short reading and during the reading answers the person's question. This is very clean and there are no sleights. The answering of a secret question during the card reading takes this to a new level.

All natural and no sleights. Easy to do and positively no coin envelopes are used in this routine. This method is designed for doing it for one person. This is not suitable for group shows just private readings.

1st edition 2019, 6 pages.
word count: 1771 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text