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The L. W. Pocket and Parlor Mysteries
by William W. Larsen & T. Page Wright

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The L. W. Pocket and Parlor Mysteries by William W. Larsen & T. Page Wright

Long out of print, we're pleased to bring you this collection of baffling close-up and small group effects for magicians and psychic entertainers, from the minds of Larsen and Wright.

The material in this ebook was chosen for its entertainment value, its suitability for small audiences, and to ensure that the methods are new and novel. Not a rehash of old content, this is magic that your audiences will enjoy as much as you will enjoy performing it.

You get:

The Magic Mail - The magician forgets to stamp a letter. A spectator chooses a denomination from among 16 choices and holds the unstamped envelope. A moment later and she finds that the envelope is now stamped with the chosen one. And inside the envelope are the other 15, loose stamps.

Thimbles Three - Red, white and blue thimbles repeatedly change their order on the performer's fingers. May also be performed with the colors of a corporate logo or national flag.

Thimbles Two - A thimble held in the hand changes places with one wrapped in a handkerchief and held by a spectator.

Up! Cards! - A rising cards effect that can be performed close-up.

The Ghost Ring - A handkerchief is twirled into a rope-like condition. An examined ring passes onto the center of the silk, while both ends are held by a spectator.

Impossibility - A spectator selects a card and writes the name of a famous person on its face. The performer divulges the card through ESP. The spectator looks at the card, the name written on the card is now his own, making it seem that he has a high opinion of himself. Great for a laugh when a spectator is a good sport. Deck may be examined at the finish.

A Lesson in Sewing - The performer shows his hands empty, then tells an amusing story, producing first a needle, then a cloth, next a spool of thread, then finally a thimble. Close-up magic at its best.

Reverse Sewing - The magician pushes a thimble through the cloth just as easy as a needle. Quite surprising.

The Lay of The Laces - A cut and restored shoe laces effect that can be performed close-up.

A Coin Conjuration - The performer places a half dollar coin on the back of his closed hand, followed by a quarter, then two more half dollars. Upon his command, the quarter penetrates the half dollar and is now inside the fist.

Shades of Annemann - An easy to make board for forcing a particular item or object. This bonus chapter by B. W. McCarron is available only in this edition of The L. W. Pocket and Parlor Mysteries.

Raves from the magic press:

"Personally, our choice of the ten is 'Magic Mail.' This to me seems to me to be a gem ... an extremely different effect from our customary hackneyed items." - Milton A. Bridges' review in The Sphinx magazine

"The effect 'Impossibility' is a little gem." - Bob Weil and Eddie Clever review in The Linking Ring

"An eye opener to the magician who has been looking for something new and different in parlor and close-up magic. Do not miss it." - Dr. A. M. Wilson

"A very good collection of close quarter effects designed for the practical worker. Well written and, above all, useful." - George Johnson review in The Magic Wand

1st edition 1928, PDF 42 pages.
word count: 15040 which is equivalent to 60 standard pages of text