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Numbers and Mentalism
by Renzo Grosso

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Numbers and Mentalism by Renzo Grosso

In my methodical (and stubborn) search for effects to propose over the phone, numbers are the absolute protagonist. Except for some small stratagem, the final principle is always the consequence of one or more mathematical principles. Inspired by some well-known effects, I became curious and tried to go back to the principles, so as to be able to use them, alone or with others, to generate other interesting combinations. I think the table of contents highlights the object of this publication well:

  • Difference between two numbers with reversed digits
  • Table with some examples with numbers made up of 3 to 9 digits
  • Difference between a number and the sum of its digits
  • Multiplication by 9
  • An effect from some time ago
  • The Magic 9 in Card Accounting
  • How to force the card
  • More card placement possibilities
  • Forcing selected card in 9th position from the back (44th from the face), 10th from back (43rd from face), 16th back (37th face), 17th back (36th face), 18th back (35th face), 25th back (28th face), 26th back (27 face), 27th back (26 face), 28th back (25th face), 35th back (18th face), 36th back (17th face), 37th back (16th face), 43th back (10th face)
  • Two "gems" by Nico Heinrich: Crossed Out System (always with the number 9) and Equator, which uses spectator age, year, day and month.
  • The nameless principle: I version (with 4 cards and 10's complement); II version (with 4 cards and 13's complement); III version (with 3 cards and 13's complement).
  • The Phone miracle
  • Cut... in half
  • Divide et imperat
  • The crawfish bill

1st edition 2023, PDF 76 pages.
word count: 10637 which is equivalent to 42 standard pages of text