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(Retford, Nottinghamshire, England: 31st August 1902 - 22nd July 1992)

Born into a family of jeweler-watchmakers. Inspired at age 8 seeing Besoni work a kid-show. Learned from box of tricks. Poultry farmer and apiarist (retired). Amateur and major historian and theorist of magic. In 1921 co-founded the Hull and East Riding Magicians' Society and since 1974 the Honorary Vice-President of its successor, the Hull Magicians' Circle. In 1923 invented Sharpe Scissors, "probably the first mini-version of Sawing Through a Woman". MIMC 1936. 1983 AMA Literary Fellowship.

Translator of Hofzinser and Ponsin. Prolific author, including Neo Magic (1932, 130pp; 2nd ed rev 1946, 137pp), Conjured Up (1935), Good Conjuring, Great Magic (reprinted with the two previous in 1938 as Magic Artistry), The Magic Play (1976, 148pp), Oriental Conjuring and Magic (1981, 384pp, with Will Ayling), Salutations to Robert-Houdin (1983, 193pp), Words on Wonder (1984), Conjurers' Optical Secrets (1985, 188pp), Conjurers' Psychological Secrets (1988, 178pp), Devant's Delightful Delusions (1990, 232pp), Conjurer's Hydraulic and Pneumatic Secrets (1990, 160pp), and Conjurer's Mechanical Secrets (1991, 137pp), all important books. Articles (over 200) in Sphinx, Magic Circular, Linking Ring, Midget Magician, etc.


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Oriental Conjuring and Magic by Will Ayling & Sam SharpeThis ebook is almost an encyclopedia of Indian, Chinese and Japanese magic. It consists of two parts. The first part is an index, reference and bibliography compiled by Sam Sharpe. The second part, researched and written by Will Ayling, describes all 101 effects from Sharpe's index.

You will learn about fantastic effects such as buried alive, sword swallowing, pulse stopping and snake charming. But it is not all about geek magic. There is also a lot of close up magic, stage magic and illusions. The 101 effects described are:

  1. The Psychology of the Indian Conjurer
  2. The Bamboo Rods and Strings...
2015 / 2 / 21
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Ponsin on Conjuring by Sam SharpeIn 1853 the French La Nouvelle Magie Blanche Dévoilée by Jean Nicolas Ponsin was published. It was the first book to explain exactly how the leading magicians of the day in France performed their most prized effects. Sam Sharpe translated it to English and Wilf Huggins added a couple of clarifying illustrations.

This ebook is filled with intriguing effects with cards, coins and an entire section on the Cups and Balls. Surprisingly you will find here the idea of using metal balls, the same idea with which Paul Gertner created a sensation. You can find everything from mental miracles, to impromptu effects,...

2014 / 10 / 17
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The Magic Play by Sam SharpeDid you know that Doug Henning and his Broadway play, "The Magic Show", was not a new idea? Do you know about the hundred or more years of Magic Plays that preceded Doug's triumph? If you truly are a magician, you should know all about the background of your hobby or profession - and here's a very pleasant way to find out about it.

Sam Sharpe (M.I.M.C.) has done extensive research to produce this volume, The Magic Play. 150 pages of absorbing reading, all about the use of magic in dramatic plays, what tricks were used, what famous personages used them, where they were used, how they were...

2014 / 7 / 16
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