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Original Mysteries for Magicians
by Brunel White

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Original Mysteries for Magicians by Brunel White

Excerpt from the introduction:

Every effect is practical, for each one has been "tried out," and works.

"Now the question arises, who will be the legitimate successor to Prof. Hoffmann? I will venture to predict that it will be another Briton, Brunel White, whose first plunge into the literary end of the business, "Original Mysteries For Magicians," in my humble opinion, with the single exception of "Modern Magic," the best book I have yet seen, and there are hundreds of Magicians who will agree with me." - Maurice Bliss

  • Introduction
  • The Appearing And Disappearing Knot On Handkerchief
  • The "B.W." £500 Challenge Solids Through Solid Mystery
  • The Travelling Stout And Bottles
  • The Phantom Dove And Boxes Mystery
  • The Dove And Boxes
  • A New Method Of Vanishing Glass Of Water, Etc.
  • The "A.B." Lemon And Silk Transposition
  • A Sensational Note Trick
  • The Silk Through Glass Effect
  • The "Stoneley" Plant Of Flowers Production
  • The "Flying" Die And The Box
  • The Dissected Box And The Rabbit
  • The Box And The Rabbit
  • The "B.W." Feke Hat
  • "The" Cut And Restored Tape
  • The ''Spirit" Silks And Hat Effect
  • The "Mystic" Bouquet
  • The "Chu Chin Chow" Rabbit
  • The "B.W." "Masterpiece" Table
  • The "B.W." Rabbit And Dove Tranposition
  • The Disappearing Dog
  • The Vanishing Lamp
  • The Elusive Rabbit And Bouquet
  • The "Ghostly" Silks, Hat And Frame Effect
  • The "B.W." Rope From Man's Neck
  • The "B.W." Hat Production
  • The £1,000 Challenge Rings On Rod Illusion

1st edition 1919, 82 pages; PDF 60 pages.
word count: 15392 which is equivalent to 61 standard pages of text