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Out Numbered
by David Devlin

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Out Numbered by David Devlin

Three boxed decks of cards are displayed to three spectators. It is explained that in the first two decks, two specific cards have been placed in two psychologically strategic spots. In the third deck, is proof that the psychological experiment is successful. This third deck is kept by the performer, but is always in full view.

The two spectators take their decks out of the boxes, and use business cards to randomly arrive at two different playing cards. The two cards from the first spectator’s deck are used to create a card. Let’s say that the two cards are the Two of Diamonds and the King of Spades. One card will determine the suit and the other the value. The spectator has a totally free choice as to which card is created. Let’s say the spectator chooses the King of Diamonds.

The two cards from the second spectator’s deck are used to create a number. Let’s say his two cards are a 6 and a 3 (suits are irrelevant). Obviously, there are not 63 cards in a deck of 52 cards. 36 can be created by putting the two numbers together, or 18 can be used if the 6 and the 3 are multiplied, and 9 can be used if the 6 and 3 are added. All that said, any of those combinations can be used, no force. Let’s suppose the spectator chooses the number 18. The performer now removes his deck from its box, and the choices of the two spectators are proven to be 100% correct!

This routine combines the plots of ACAAN and Brainwave with many different principles to accomplish a stunning piece of mental magic.

  • No gaffed cards
  • No rough/smooth
  • No strange counts
  • No mathematical hoops to jump through
  • No sleight of hand. The effect is self-working
  • Any cards and any numbers can be used (your choice)

1st edition 2018, 8 pages
word count: 2801 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text