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Out of the Box
by Boyet Vargas

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Out of the Box by Boyet Vargas

"I think your approach and method are brilliant." - Marc Salem

"I think it is a fun effect." - Mike Vance

The mentalist hands out a billet containing different objects. The participant then makes a series of choices and moves between objects while the mentalist eliminates different objects along the way with their help. In the end, the participant ends up with an object that matches what the mentalist has written before the start of the routine.

  • You do not know how many times or how the participant moves in between objects.
  • The participant is somehow involved in the elimination process.

This is my solution and approach to the interactive square effect. It contains information and subtleties that make the overall experience unique and more engaging.

This ebook will also show you how you can create your own custom interactive square and with further study, it will enable you to repeat the effect with a different outcome.

1st edition 2022, PDF 13 pages.
word count: 5445 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text