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Percy Press

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Percy Press
Glass of Water Production Routine by Percy Press

This was a favourite effect of the much loved Percy Press. He was, perhaps, the last of the English 'Street Conjurors' and had performed this effect thousands of times.


Percy would tilt his small table forward to show that the top was solid. Replacing it on the ground, he laid a white handkerchief on it. A 10p coin was borrowed and placed in the centre of the handkerchief. He then borrowed a soft trilby hat and covered the coin with it. He lifted the hat and the coin was still on the hank. He placed the coin in his left hand and it vanished. He replaced the mouth-down hat...

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Percy Press
Percy Press Interview - A Traveler's Tale by Percy Press

Percy Press died in 1980 at the age of 78. He was probably the last of the English Street Conjurors and learned his craft working the streets of England. He was also a distinguished Punch and Judy performer. On this recording, Percy Press talks about the effects that he performed on the the street and gives details of his routines for his Cups and Balls, his Funny Funnel, the Cap and Pence, a card trick using a card box and his entertaining Coat, Ropes and Rings.

One of Percy's most baffling effects was his production of a full glass of water and, on this recording, he gives the complete...

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)