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Perfect BDay Divination
by Mike Kempner


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Perfect BDay Divination by Mike Kempner

Birthdays. They are the most intimate part of everybody's existence. Every single person celebrates his or her birthday. But, for the most part, besides family and friends, birthdays are not known by just any random person. With this effect, you can walk up to a person, and without asking any questions or pumping for any information whatsoever, you simply tell them his or her date of's just that SIMPLE!


You approach a stranger. You truly have never met her before, and you don't even know her name. You propose a little experiment. You tell her to remain completely silent, and that only by holding her hand and gazing into her beautiful eyes, you will be able to extract her date of birth. She dares you to do that just. Amazingly, you do the impossible and simply say out loud her real birthday. You leave the spectator in utter shock because she has given you absolutely no clues or hints, whatsoever! There is no math, no gimmicks, no props, no assistant, no questions, no nothing! You simply reveal the information without asking for any information. Simply impossible!

[Note that this trick can only be performed on the street. You can't do this on the stage or in a traditional performance setting. Also you cannot do this trick anywhere (only works in the US at particular places) and on just anybody. Certain conditions have to exist. ]

1st edition 2015, 2 pages.
word count: 805 which is equivalent to 3 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Brian Lewis (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Friday 05 June, 2015

Unfortunately - the method employed won't work outside of the author's home country. That fact should really be stated up front in the description, I'm based in Ireland and this effect simply isn't possible to perform here - so be warned...

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