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Performer's ACAAN
by Koo Hu

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Performer's ACAAN by Koo Hu

This is not a trick but a performance piece.

  • A trick has the performance wrapped within the secret or the method of the trick.
  • A performance piece has the secret or the method wrapped within the performance.

It is called Performer's ACAAN because

  • This ACAAN looks way bigger in comparison to how conventional ACAANs are approached
  • It allows to you get a minimum of seven people to participate / play from their seats and only one of them joins you on stage.
  • It also allows you to move among the audience, get close to them, thus ensuring ample audience engagement and more elbow room for the performer's charm to shine.

Flow of the ACAAN

  1. Someone names a suit.
  2. Some cards are distributed amongst 6 people.
  3. Someone names a value.
  4. You check the cards left with you if you have the decided card. (you don't)
  5. The cards are collected by the participants
  6. You ask another person to name a number.
  7. Ask the participant (who has all the distributed cards along with the named card) to come on stage
  8. Ask the participant to deal down the cards to the named number
  9. We will have an ACAAN.

1st edition 2024, PDF 21 pages, video 12 min.
word count: 2415 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text