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Peter Mennie

Peter Mennie

Peter Mennie is a 40+ year career magician with a passion for a great performance. That performance includes all elements of the live magic show - illusion, theatre, comedy and music. He's produced 12 television shows, two series, founded Canada's largest youth theatre company and when there is any downtime, he will sound design and engineer Broadway shows and other live shows in his community.

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Peter Mennie
Sound Advice for Magicians by Peter Mennie

Let's face it, once you step in front of an audience you not only have to be seen, but you have to be heard. And just like the sleight of hand in your show has to be the best it can be, the sound has to be the best it can be as well. Your audiences deserve better than 'it's good enough'.

Sound Advice For Magicians was written out of a lecture I do for magic clubs and clown alleys because I saw too many talented performers bomb in front of audiences because their sound system failed or the people running them were incompetent. In addition to performing full-time for over 40 years (with many...

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