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Peter Pit

Peter Pit

(Geffen, Holland: 11th March 1933 - 21st February 1999)

Stage name of Hermann Claassen until legal change to Peter Pit. Student of Henk Vermeyden. Pro comedy magician (ex-amateur circus juggler), comedian, stage producer. 1958 FISM 1st prize for general magic for his Dancing Cane routine of which he is a master. Moved to USA in 1960. Secretary, Board of Directors, Academy of Magical Arts, 1972-94, thence Director Emeritus. 1978 AMA Best Stage Magician. Co-authored (with Paul Butler) The Magic Castle (1989, [56pp]). NOTE: Surname often misspelled "Pitt", much to his annoyance.

Coauthors: Ken de Courcy, Edwin Hooper, Ian Adair, Ravelle and Andree

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Ken de Courcy & Peter Pit & Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair & Ravelle and Andree
Giant Size Clever Ace by Ken de Courcy & Peter Pit & Edwin Hooper & Ian Adair & Ravelle and Andree

Four prize winning routines on the "find the ace" theme, performed with extra giant cards that you can print yourself.


The performer shows three extra giant cards. The audience are asked to follow the movements of the Ace of Diamonds, The Ace is mixed up with the two other extra giant cards shown - the Two and Three of Clubs. The audience never are able to discover the whereabouts of the elusive Ace. The Ace transposes continuously in an incredible manner even while it is in the hands of a spectator or while it is marked by a clip. The spectator himself takes the ace in...

★★★★ $8
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