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Peter Warlock's Book of Magic
by Peter Warlock

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Peter Warlock's Book of Magic by Peter Warlock

This is a wonderful ebook to introduce a beginner to magic and teach him or her several excellent magic tricks. It covers all the necessary basics. Written by Peter Warlock, a world-wide respected master magician and widely published author in magic.

From the introduction:

The means of achieving these feats rely in the main upon simple processes, for experience has proved that the simple process seldom lets the magician down. The intricate piece of apparatus that may on occasions prove temperamental is a danger - if, or rather when, that apparatus fails, there is no mystery and likewise, there is no magician.

Therefore my intention has been to describe in this volume a number of magical effects which should leave the performer free from such worries. All of them should prove ideal for the amateur magician. They are designed to give him confidence so that with a full knowledge and experience in performing them he is ready to attempt more ambitious tricks.

  • Introduction
  • Miscellaneous Magic
    • Palming
    • The Flyaway Ring
    • The Ring On The Wand
    • Destruction And Restoration
    • A Utility Device For Producing, Vanishing And Changing Small Articles
    • The Phoenix
    • The Colours Across
    • Matter Through Matter
    • The Soft Ring
    • Candles In The Dark
    • The Flying Handkerchief
    • And So - Good Night
    • One Chance In Three
    • Pot-Pourri
    • Quick Dyeing
    • The Homing Balls
    • The Loyal Papers
    • Smoky
  • Card Magic
    • Some Sleights And Subtleties
    • Sandwich Spread
    • The Thought Speller
    • The Pecking Bird
    • Three For Luck
    • The Ambitious Cards
    • An Easy Card Location
    • Sixth Sense
    • Kismet
    • Satan's Scissors
    • Hoodwinked
  • Mental Mysteries
    • Sight Unseen
    • The Triangle Of Thought
    • The Negation Of Time
  • Notes On Presentation
    • Making Up Your Programmes

1st edition 1956, 141 pages; PDF 122 pages.
word count: 42160 which is equivalent to 168 standard pages of text