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(Prague, Czechoslovakia: 3rd May 1952 - )

Stage name of Petr Krejcik. Learned 1st three tricks in 1966 in a hospital from comedian-magician Petr Pavel and joined a local magic club. Czechoslovak champion 1969, 1970, 1974. Pro since 1970, specialized in stage, close-up, and parlor magic. Pet effect: ball manipulations. 1973 FISM special award for originality and professionalism. In 1974 married Mia Izarikova, training her as his assistant. Lecturer. They escaped to USA in 1979.

1980 AMA Visiting Magician of the Year for "Petrick & Mia". 1983 Dragon Award to "Petrick & Mia". Became USA citizen in 1986. Inventor of Straw thru Card (1980), Linking Razor Blades, Bewildering Bracelets, and The Transformers, which he sells wholesale and mail-order since 1980.

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7x Petrick: Purple by Petrick

The "Seven times Petrick" series was released in seven volumes, each with seven tricks covering a different subject, and each with a different color cover. This is the purple one.

  • Lipstick Levitation: Selected card placed against the outside of the filled card box rises over the deck.
  • Balloon Penny-Tration: Penetration of a penny into an empty, blown-up balloon.
  • The Shrinking Card: A card is selected from a regular deck which transforms into a miniature deck. The selected card is replaced in the miniature deck only to transform into a random card.
  • Strange Change: A card is selected,...
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