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Pick Of The Crop by Ulysses Frederick Grant

The best simple methods for the following 12 great effects:

  • No. 1 - To Vanish or Transport A Live Dove Through Space while Surrounded, Without Special Boxes, Bags or Body Work
  • No. 2 - To Predict, In Black Crayon On Large Cardboard, The Names Of Three FREELY SELECTED cards
  • No. 3 - To Cause A Person's Fingers To Slowly Draw Together, Without Touching Them Or Their Fingers
  • No. 4 - To Predict In Bold Letters On A Large Card The Word A Person Will Select In Any Magazine
  • No. 5 - To Create The Effect Of Little Invisible Men From Outer Space Dancing On A Sheet Of Paper. Close-up Or Stage
  • No. 6 - $300 Effect Of Causing A Thought Of Card To Appear On T.V. - On Any Channel - Use Any T.V.
  • No. 7 - To Dip The Hand Into A Glass Of Water And Compress The Water Into An Ice Cube. Also, To Freeze A Cigarette So it becomes brittle.
  • No. 8 - Comedy Egg Head. Break An Egg In A Cup - Invert The Cup On A Person's Head - Lift Off The Cup And The Egg Is On Top Of The Head Restored
  • No. 9 - Two Solid Rings, One In Each Hand Wide Apart. They Are Slowly Brought Together - They Link - They Are Handed For Examination
  • No. 10 - Ten Minutes With Any Telephone Book And You Can Give The Name And Telephone Number Of The Page They Freely Select. NO FORCE. A One Man Effect.
  • No. 11 - To Take A Pocket Hanky From A Spectator And, Without A Switch Or Adding Anything, Cut A Large Hole In The Center And Hand It Back To The Spectator. Then Take It Back And Vanish It. Hanky Is Back Under Spectator's Coat. The Actual Hank.
  • No. 12 - A Good Two Person Second Sight Act. Can Be Mastered In An Hour. No Electronics Or Codes. Fast And Sensational.

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