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Secrets of Floating Mediums
by Devin Knight

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Secrets of Floating Mediums by Devin Knight

Have you wondered how the old-time mediums and even some of the current day crop of mediums levitated in the air? Devin Knight reveals some of the deep dark secrets in this PDF.

Colin Evans achieved a lot of notoriety for his ability to levitate in the air, claiming the spirits lifted him up. Even today his photos are on the internet and many people believe he was a real medium and that these photos prove levitation. You will learn the real secrets in the PDF on how he pulled it off. An eye-opener.

Douglas Home was a world-renown medium who is still controversial to this day. In this PDF, you will learn the secret of his chair levitation, done in dim light. He was first tied to the chair, then the chair levitated with him in it. There were no wires, and Home even allowed sitters to pass their hands under the four legs of the chair (while he was sitting in it) to prove he was really in the air! His secret is revealed in this PDF.

Another little known secret is revealed in this PDF and one that was used by mediums and even those still in business today. This secret alone is worth the price of this PDF and believe it or not, you can do it yourself! This secret was revealed to me by Al Mann.

The medium sits at a table while everyone surrounds it and holds hands, including the medium. The lights are turned out for a short bit, and then turned back on. The medium is in on top and in the middle of the table sitting in the chair, still holding hands with the sitters! Apparently, the spirits lifted the medium and the chair and placed him on the table. The real secret is revealed in this book. No gimmicks or special equipment. Just know how. This last effect is great for spook parties, Halloween and haunted houses. Easily done, yet a real fooler.

A must read for those interested in séance secrets and levitations.

1st edition 2017, 7 pages.
word count: 1921 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 21 August, 2022

I do not recommend it. Mostly a complaint about fake psychics. The only real trick uses a stooge which is not explained enough. My friends would mess the trick up.