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Piddington's Secrets: We know How They Did It!
by Martin T. Hart


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Piddington's Secrets: We know How They Did It! by Martin T. Hart

We know how they did it! The Piddington's were a 1949 husband and wife telepathy act who seemed able to transmit their thoughts to each other, even across vast distances. They could do this without talking.

Finally, the unfathomable mystery behind the world's most baffling telepathy act is revealed after 70 years of silence. Martin T Hart takes us on a fascinating and detailed journey into the lives of 'The Amazing Piddingtons' and deep inside the cunning methods that fooled a global generation. To this day no magician or scientist has ever discovered how Sydney was able to transmit his thoughts to his wife Lesley without talking, while blindfolded and at any distance. Includes over 50 photos, diagrams, witness evidence and testimony from those who worked behind the scenes. This is more than a book. This reveal is an event in the history of world magic!

[Note: A recording of a recreation of the Piddington's act by the Deans can be seen in Unfathomable. You might also be interested in the audio recording The Piddingtons.]

1st edition 2015, 223 page, over 50 photos and diagrams
word count: 50074 which is equivalent to 200 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Brian Lawrence
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 31 January, 2015

When I first started to read this book it was to glance at what to expect, however I could not put it down. The author takes us on a fascinating 'page-turner' trip inside the mind of Sydney Piddington and reveals where, when, why and how he created the most baffling two-person telepathy illusion magic has ever known. No stone is left un-turned and the surprises never stop. Although it reveals the methods used by the Piddingtons, it offers so much more. The author shows how his own family crossed paths with the Piddingtons and how this encounter helped with the magic. In my opinion, this is the most amazing revelation magic has ever seen and if I could recommend an award for best history-of-magic book, Piddington's Secrets would win hands-down.

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