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Pip of Kong
by Unknown Mentalist

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Pip of Kong by Unknown Mentalist
"This is a marvel!!" - Marc Salem
Suppose you are performing this to a married couple. The effect as it appears to that couple is this. The husband chooses the name of a music icon but does not disclose it and keeps that name only in his mind. The wife chooses some music album sales figures and comes up with a total sales figure. To their utter shock, when the husband declares the name of the music icon, the wife's total sales figure is nothing but that icon's birth date.

You explain to them that this is a one in a 16.5 million possibility and that they have turned a near impossibility into a reality. You congratulate the stunned couple for their excellent telepathic relationship and their mutual intuitive affectionate bond.

Neither you nor your participants need to have any knowledge of music to participate in these experiments. There are 3 main routines and several variations explained. There is a simple one time preparation which will last you for many performances.

The method is simple, easy, elegant and mostly self-working. You can perform these routines over a video call or on virtual shows apart from face to face situations like close up, parlor, street or stage.

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1st edition 2020, PDF 26 pages.
word count: 4666 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text