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Propless ACAAN Volume 2
by Unknown Mentalist

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Propless ACAAN Volume 2 by Unknown Mentalist

The methods and presentation are new and different from those given in Propless ACAAN (Vol 1). Again, this is absolutely propless ACAAN. No deck. No props at all. And this is an almost self-working propless ACAAN. Just you the performer and the participant on a voice call. That's it.

The effect from the participant's view: The performer and participant send some thoughts back and forth silently between them about a number and a playing card. The participant then imagines a deck of playing cards, shuffles the deck a couple of times and hands it over the phone to the performer (its an imaginary deck, remember). The performer takes the imaginary deck and counts loudly while dealing imaginary cards. To the utter shock of the participant, the performer stops counting exactly on the number the participant has in mind and says out loud the card at that number - it is the one the participant has in mind.

This can be performed in any language. The method is language independent. And the method is surefire, works 100% of the time.

There is no equivoque. No memorization. No anagrams. No apps and no electronics. There is no stack or gimmicked cards as there is no deck at all. So obviously, there cannot be any sleights. There is no pre-show or set up or any type of stooging. There is no nail writing or pocket writing etc. Again surprisingly, there is no cumbersome process, as is usually the case with propless material. This is a clear, simple and direct process.

CREDIT CARD ACAAN: This is another Propless Acaan which you can perform using a participant's real or imaginary credit card over a voice phone call, which is also included.

You can perform this over voice call, video call or in face to face situations. This qualifies being called Anytime, Anywhere to Anyone type of effect which you literally carry in your mind. This is really a 100$ idea being released as a 6$ surprise, given the present global situation.

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"As always you do a great job of mixing methods in order to create nice effects." - Luca Volpe

1st edition 2020, PDF 33 pages.
word count: 6449 which is equivalent to 25 standard pages of text

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