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Plans For Deception
by Peter Warlock

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Plans For Deception by Peter Warlock

From the Foreword:

The welcome accorded to Design for Magic has given me the necessary encouragement to present this present volume. I hope that among the score of original ideas and effects, there may be something of use for every type of magician. Some of the effects rely in part upon mechanism for their accomplishment. My views on mechanism in Magic agree with those well expressed by John Mulholland, who a few years ago wrote the following in The Sphinx.

"When mechanics are used in Magic, they must be so designed and constructed that they are infallible. When a trick depends on mechanism and the mechanism fails to operate, there is no trick, and, to the audience there is no magician."

    • A Piece Of A Rainbow
    • "Reflets Dans L'eau"
    • The Hydrostatic Cone
    • Wrapped In Cellophane
    • The Jest
    • The Box Of Plenty
    • The Mirror Of Thought
    • The Famous Mathematician
    • P.W. Advertisement Test
    • Yorick's Delight
    • The Improved Dead Name Test
    • P.W. Single Hand Palm
    • A Note On False Cuts
    • P.W. Colour Change
    • A Novel Card Change Location
    • "Three's My Lucky Number"
    • The Logical Cards
    • The Lady Finds A Card
    • Two In Harmony
    • Extra Sensory Perception
    • The Hand Is Guided
    • The Murder Game
    • Watch Your Number
    • Books on Conjuring and Entertaining

1st edition 1942, 88 pages; PDF 61 pages.
word count: 24276 which is equivalent to 97 standard pages of text