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Ploy by Fraser Parker

Ploy is a way to indirectly obtain a piece of information your spectator is only thinking of without them ever having to say it out loud or write anything down.

You perform a thought of card effect where a card is taken out of a deck of normal playing cards, you either guess it exactly or get very close and are then able to automatically and effortlessly divine other information your spectator is merely thinking of, such as, which colour they are focusing on or their star sign, etc.

No this is not the usual ploy of writing on the faces of the playing cards to force a thought but is actually a way to get information secretly without anyone ever being aware this is the case. A deck of standard playing cards and your words are all you need to guess star signs, thought of colours, memories ... or any other category item you can think of.

You perform a quick thought of card as a way of tuning into the thoughts of your spectator and this gives you everything! It really is that simple and easy to perform.

1st edition 2017, 34 pages
word count: 4531 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text

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