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by Simon J. Lea


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POSTgraphology by Simon J. Lea

POSTgraphology is a graphology based mentalism effect utilizing those sticky yellow memo notes we are all familiar with.

A pack is opened in front of the audience and the whole block is given to one of the spectators. He or she is asked to rip off a chunk of notes for you to use for demonstration purposes and then to give one note to each of the spectators taking part - 5 is the best number of spectators but can be more or less. As this is performed as a demonstration of graphology and not magic you don't point out that there is now no way you could know which spectator would get which note - this much is obvious without anyone having to point it out!

Each person secretly writes a sentence on their note and then folds it up using the sticky bit of the note to seal it shut. The note is then folded twice more and dropped into a bowl in the center of the table. You obviously can not see what is being written while the spectators are writing!

The spectator's jobs are discussed briefly before you open the sealed notes, one by one, and analze the handwriting - and then return each sample of handwriting to the person that wrote it.

  • No gimmicks
  • No peaks
  • No tears
  • No impressions
  • No pre-show work
  • Spectators can draw pictures instead of writing if you prefer
  • Regular store-bought sticky memo notes
  • Easy to perform
  • Easy to adapt for your own mentalist effects once you know the secret

LIE DETECTOR - spectators are dealt cards face down and asked to write down the name of the card on their sticky memo note unless they have a royal card (jack, queen, king). If they have a royal then they must lie and make up a card.

You analyze the handwriting and sort out the liars from the truthful spectators. First you hand back the truthful notes - the spectators turn over their cards to reveal that they were telling the truth and you are correct. Then you deal out the liars - and are correct again!

CARD MATCH - spectators are asked to think of any card in the deck and write the name of the card on their sticky memo note. Once they are finished and have sealed up the notes, you open them one-by-one and analyze the handwriting.

Without showing the spectators whose writing you are reading, you make observations about what you imagine this person is like based on their writing sample. I.E that it is a women, someone creative but also practical, etc.

After each sample you find the card in the deck and deal it face down in front of the spectator you believe chose this card. When all the notes have been analyzed you ask the spectators to take their ones back before turning over the card you gave them. To their delight the card they chose (and wrote on the note) will match the one you dealt them.

1st edition 2010; 10 pages.
word count: 2161 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text