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POW! by Peter Arcane

Add a little POW! to your readings.

Typically readings can be intense, or at least you can be dealing with intense emotional situations. It can be difficult to guide the person you are reading for as they can be too closely involved. They literally cannot see the wood for the trees!!

By sparingly and wisely adding the information found in POW! to your reading process, you can softly 'nudge' their thinking and encourage the sitter to look at situations in their life in a completely different light.

What you'll find in POW! are Quotes, Proverbs and more which have been carefully selected, primarily (but not solely) for their relationship to the Major Arcana.

You don't read Tarot!!? Fear not, although POW! was primarily written with the Tarot reader in mind, the range of areas covered means POW! doesn't just pack a punch for Tarot Readers.

Some of the areas covered:

Change, Confidence, Wisdom, Achievement, Knowledge, Choice, Relationship, Great Effort, Adversity, Fairness, Justice, Balance, Discretion, Destiny, Transition, Readjustments, Transformation, Great Change, Harmony, Compatibility.....

What they're saying about POW!...

"Yes. I like your material. This is very useful stuff. This is very close to the way I work with the tarots. We are always translating images into words, but those words are only effective if the client can trace them back to the images. The image becomes the confirmation of our words, and vice versa. Thanks for sharing this. It may be deceptively simple, but it makes a big difference in the actual effect of a reading." - Enrique Enriquez

"This ebook is aimed mainly at people interested in the Tarot, but people involved in other forms of divination will also find it useful. Highly recommended." - Richard Webster

"...reading this threw me into a process of contemplative thinking. There is just so much 'POW!' contained within the pages. Perceiving wisdom always has that effect on me." - Damien Darkpath

"You're a Beginner or an Expert? I really recommend this !!!" - Rudolf K├╝nzli

"Thoroughly enjoyed this Mr Arcane, nice work." - Tj Halford

"I like this kind of thing...knowledge that can be used, modified, and incorporated...I'm sure that I will use elements of it." - Stephen James Durant

" adding that little POW! in the middle, a little extra juice was added, a bit of spice was sprinkled, and it was from another source to compliment your own words, and thus further enlighten the sitter." - Sidney Friedman

1st edition 2000, updated 2012, 43 pages.
word count: 4957 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Steven Beckley (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 18 May, 2014

Way overpriced for what you get. I hate when people overcharge for stuff like this promoting it as "insider" cold reading material. This book should have been in the 6 or seven dollar range. Just save your money for some of the better cold reading material listed on and look up some positive quotes for free online. There isn't any practical advice offered in this manuscript that has to do with readings.