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Power of the Svengali
by Gerald Edmundson

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Power of the Svengali by Gerald Edmundson

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The Svengali deck has been a pitchman item for years. Gerald admires the skill of the Svengali pitchman. They handle the deck and do amazing tricks to sell the deck to bystanders. But Gerald's writing is not a treatise on "pitching" the Svengali. His purpose in using the Svengali is different from the pitchman's.

In Power of the Svengali, Gerald explores how to handle the Svengali as an ordinary deck, not as a special gaffed deck to sell. The power of the Svengali comes from its ability to produce tricks not possible except by advanced sleight of hand. Even skillful sleight of hand can become complicated or suspicious when trying to duplicate the effects possible with a Svengali. Performers can deceive the "in the know" laity and even experienced magicians if the Svengali is handled naturally as a regular deck.

With photos and detailed descriptions, Gerald explains two "power factors", various sleights, and seven powerful tricks. He also explores handling the Reversed Svengali. With the ideas in this treatise, the Svengali deck becomes a powerful tool to create astonishing card magic.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Avoid "Telegraphing" the Svengali
    • Shuffling and Cutting
    • Riffle Shuffle
    • Overhand Shuffle
    • Straight Cut
  • Having a Card Selected
    • Classic Force
    • Cut Force
    • Dribble Force
  • Chapter Two: Deck Switches
    • Jacket Pocket Preparation
    • Boxed in the Pocket Switch
    • Al Baker's Switch
    • Three Card ECT Switch
    • Two Card Trick Switch
    • Card in the Hat Switch
    • Four Aces Switch
    • Tossed Out Deck Switch
  • Chapter Three: Tricks with the Svengali
    • Three Classic Tricks
    • ACANN
    • Card Stab
    • The Stop Trick
  • Other Tricks with the Svengali
    • Marlo's Perfect Stop Trick
    • Woman's Intuition
    • The Spelling Trick
    • Thanks to Bert
  • "Outs"
    • The Jazz Speller
    • The "NUTS" Speller
  • Chapter Four: The Reversed Svengali
    • Riffle & Overhand Shuffles
    • Straight Cut
    • Classic Force
    • Cut Force
    • Dribble Force
    • "Slow-Motion" Dribble Cut
    • Dribble Table Spread
    • Spectator Peek Force
  • Triple Mindreading
  • Chapter Five: Closing Thoughts
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author

1st edition 2024, PDF 34 pages.