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Premonition: an amazing mental card routine
by George Armstrong


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Premonition: an amazing mental card routine by George Armstrong

[Eddie Joseph and George Armstrong both published this effect in 1949 under the same name: Premonition. The effects are identical and the methods are also pretty much identical except some minor details. Since George Armstrong describes his inspiration and when and where he developed it, while Eddie Joseph does not, I believe George Armstrong to be the inventor of this method. George Armstrong's inspiration was an effect from Greater Magic by Bill McCaffrey. But already Hofzinser has a similar routine Domination of Thought from his Card Conjuring.]

A spectator names a card. He is asked to take a pack of cards from the table, remove them from case and count them, face up, on to the table. He counts only 51 cards. The very card he is thinking of is not in the pack. Without the slightest hesitation, the performer removes the missing card from his pocket.

  • sure-fire
  • no chance of failure
  • magician does not touch the cards at any time
  • no fake cards
  • no force
  • any card can be named
  • no skill
  • you can perform this five minutes after reading the instructions

1st edition 1949, 1st digital edition 2015.
word count: 2439 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

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