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Prestige Pen Projects
by Shawn Evans


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Prestige Pen Projects by Shawn Evans

We humans have a long history of using writing instruments to record and transfer our thoughts and impressions. We magicians have a long history of gimmicking writing instruments to deceive thoughts and create magical impressions.

This ebook is a combination Do-It-Yourself and Magic Effects ebook, containing 9 major DIY projects and 7 full working routines, plus a host of other tricks.

Learn how to make 3 types of flash pens, a flameless, smoke loading pen, a PSI pen, multiple-purpose pens, novel uses of off-the-shelf pens and mentalist utility pens. No knowledge of electronics needed --- just the proper know-how.

Each low cost project is followed with a corresponding chapter on how to use your gimmick pen in a true, tried, and tested magic effect.

This ebook is jammed packed with over 150 color photos, 13 detailed illustrations, numerous diagrams, 11 instructional video links and up-to-date listed sources for materials.

Why pay $150 dollars for a PSIpen when you can make your own for less than $8.00? Or make a durable flash pen for under $10, or a non-flame, smoke pen for $20? Most of the book's gimmicked pen projects can be made in 30 minutes or less with household materials and at a fraction of the retail cost. If each of the pens and effects in this book were sold separately at market value, the total price would exceed $900!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: DIY: Sure-Lite Flash Pen
  • Chapter 2: DIY: Recessed Flash Pen
  • Chapter 3: DIY: EZ #3 Flash Pen
  • Chapter 4: DIY: Misty Smoke Pen
  • Chapter 5: Effect: Misty Burnt Card
  • Chapter 6: DIY: Multi-Utility Pen
  • Chapter 7: Effect: Sparkle, Jell-O, Snow, Wine & Space-Time
  • Chapter 8: DYI: Chameleon Pens
  • Chapter 9: Effect: Interference
  • Chapter 10: Science Fiction with Frixion
  • Chapter 11: Effect: Phoenix Angels
  • Chapter 12: Zig Pen
  • Chapter 13: Effect: Flushed Queen
  • Chapter 14: DYI: The Re-light-able Match
  • Chapter 15: RM Effects
  • Chapter 16: DIY: Magnetic Pen & Reed Switch
  • Chapter 17: DIY: PSI Capsule Marker
  • Chapter 18: Ash Pen
  • Chapter 19: Effect: Angel Dream Catcher
  • Chapter 20: Pen Patter
  • List of Mimesis Instructional Video Links

1st edition 2012, 155 pages.

word count: 25218 which is equivalent to 100 standard pages of text

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