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Shawn Evans

Shawn Evans is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of psychology and a life-long student of magic. He has created over 33 marketed magic effects and currently operates the website:

Shawn is known as the coin guy who “splits” cards and is the sole craftsman that makes all the gaffed and gimmick cards for the popular Mimesis Card Workshop.

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Shawn Evans

How To Hack Handcuffs Like Houdini by Shawn EvansFor Magicians, Law Enforcement & Urban Survivalist

As a performer, do you know how to get out of any pair of handcuffs manufactured - past, present or future models?

As an urban survivalist, do you know how to open standard handcuffs with a common drinking straw and other very innovative, real-world applications?

As a security professional, do you know which types of handcuff keys are designed to be invisible to the naked eye?

As an escapologist, do you know the 3 "universal" handcuff keys that all escape artists should have in their toolkit?

As a locksmith, are you familiar with...

2013 / 7 / 27

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Shawn Evans

Self-Contained Card Delivery System: Mene-Tekel Magic Maximized by Shawn Evans
"Man's mind stretched to a new dimension never goes back to its original position."
Few know the simple mechanics of the forgotten Mene-Tekel deck and even fewer know its real secrets. This ebook reveals the deck's true potential as a Self-Contained Card Delivery System, a Pseudo-Copying Machine and a YIN / YANG Premonition Setup that would make Hofzinser proud.

All known variations of the Mene-Tekel are systematically discussed in exacting detail, along with the corresponding card presentations, selections, and handlings per gaffed deck. Also included are DIY chapters on mene-tekel card gaffing. ...

2013 / 4 / 30

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Shawn Evans

Deceptions that Dare to Dazzle and Delight by Shawn EvansDefinition of DARE
1: An act or instance of daring.
2: Imaginative or vivacious boldness.
As you read this ebook, "may your deceptions dare to dazzle and delight". May you find the imagination and boldness to take the mechanics of the tricks herein and find the dynamics to make them dazzle and delight.

In this ebook, you'll learn a diverse range of unique close-up and mental magic effects --- discover how to use a GPS Card with strategic roughing techniques, how to pre-stack a deck that can be freely shuffled, accomplish the pen-thru-bill trick with a borrowed pen, learn how to visually...

2012 / 12 / 17

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Shawn Evans

Mimic Money Methods: The Magic of Bill Gaffing by Shawn EvansThis one-of-a-kind ebook reveals the various methods for gaffing Mimic Bills to create unique magical effects --- transformations, restorations, transportations and mentalist tricks.

Just as the card worker can create card miracles by secretly having one duplicate card in the deck, the close-up performer can create magic wonders by employing a matching dollar bill (as verified by the serial numbers).

Terms: Mimic Money is a set of two bills consisting of a slave bill that is gaffed to match the serial numbers on a master bill in order to create magical effects.

This ebook contains...

2012 / 11 / 16

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Shawn Evans

Psychic on Wheels by Shawn EvansPOW is the Mentalist's PAL.

POW (Psychic On Wheels) is DIY Series #3, where you will learn the novel application of using a small motorized toy car to find a freely selected or forced card. No major modifications required, no knowledge of electronics needed - just the proper know-how.

Main Effect:

POW will travel over a row of cards and directly stop on the spectator's selected card. POW will also follow freshly drawn curving lines (road) to a row of cards and will automatically stop on the chosen card.

The wonderful Dick Koornwinder is credited as the first magic creator to use...

2012 / 7 / 16

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Shawn Evans

Prestige Pen Projects by Shawn Evans
"We humans have a long history of using writing instruments to record and transfer our thoughts and impressions. We magicians have a long history of gimmicking writing instruments to deceive thoughts and create magical impressions".
This ebook is a combination Do-It-Yourself and Magic Effects ebook, containing 9 major DIY projects and 7 full working routines, plus a host of other tricks.

Learn how to make 3 types of flash pens, a flameless, smoke loading pen, a PSI pen, multiple-purpose pens, novel uses of off-the-shelf pens and mentalist utility pens. No knowledge of electronics needed...

2012 / 7 / 7

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Shawn Evans

Build Your Own Psychic Calculator by Shawn EvansDo-It-Yourself: "Trick-Out" Your Calculator

With a Psychic Calculator you can create endless mind-reading, prediction, and magic effects - a mentalist dream come true.

Don't pay up to $300 or more for a Mentalist or Psychic Calculator when you can make your own in less than 30 minutes, for under $10 (including the price of the calculator!), plus the use of just a few common household items. No knowledge of electronics needed - just the proper know-how.

This ebook will give you the "details in detail" with over 20 step-by-step photos and illustrations that will guarantee your success. ...

2012 / 4 / 2

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Shawn Evans

Real-World Card Control Magic: The Locators (Mnemonic Module of Moves) by Shawn EvansThis ebook explains in detail the true, tried and tested card control methods (basic moves & gaffs) that professional magicians use in real performance situations --- "the real stuff, not the fluff".

While performing for the big money and a regular audience, professionals don’t leave much to chance. The working conditions, whether it’s an inside or outside environment, may cause sweaty hands (too hot & humid), stiff fingers (too cold) or dry hands (overly warm). These conditions are anticipated by simplifying a routine for real-world applications / preventions, such as the use of gaff...

2011 / 7 / 10

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Shawn Evans

Card Through Window: A Magical Look at the Other Side of the Glass by Shawn EvansThis ebook will take the student of magic on a magical journey to the other side of the glass, providing for an extensive study in magic theory as well as application --- all from the perspective of the classic Card through Window effect.

As a beginner, intermediate or advance student, you’ll learn the general framework for implementing your vision and the specific conceptual tools that you need to construct, refine and customize any magic effect (trick or illusion) to fit who you are as a performer.

This ebook explains the overall dynamics of magic: misdirection, audience management,...

2011 / 7 / 10

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