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Prisoner Silk
by Marconick

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Prisoner Silk by Marconick

The ultimate visible 20th Century Silk Routine.

At a magical convention the packed audience of magicians gasped audibly with surprise at the wonderful visible climax they had just seen. The magical effects which gain most applause from modern audiences are those in which things happen smartly and visibly. Marconick's Prisoner Silk certainly produces a startling visual effect in record time and is a trick which pulls applause from all types of audiences. Things happen quickly and they are seen to happen right before their eyes!


From his pocket performer takes two separate silks (24 inch). Holding one silk by a corner in one hand, so that the silks hang down with the bottom corner of the second silk touching the floor. Performer places his foot on the end of the silk. Now he takes another single (24 inch) silk from his pocket and throws it at the knot joining the two silks. This third silk visibly becomes imprisoned between the other two silks!

This is a real eye-popper and will get immediate and favourable reaction from any type of audience. All you need is the special illustrated instructions and routine in this PDF. Three 24-inch silks and, with very little preparation you'll be adding this modern classic to your own programme. Easy to do and only requires care and practice in handling.

1st edition 1968; PDF 4 pages.
word count: 1106 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text