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Private Studies Video
by Edward Marlo


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Private Studies Video by Edward Marlo

Ed Marlo performs and teaches some of his greatest secrets, gleaned from private footage.

This 60 minute video offers the richest, most complete teaching tape ever released of the world's greatest cardician, Edward Marlo, with over twenty-five quality ideas, moves and routines jam-packed into one video. Watch as Ed demonstrates and explains: Spectator Cuts the Aces, The Fifth Peel, Vanishing Aces, Shake the Spots Off . . . and much, much more. Ed Marlo lectures on Shank and Zarrow shuffle sequences and applications, gives advanced tips on card handling, and adds performances of items from Apocalypse and Ibidem. One fantastic man, one fantastic video.

  • Spectator Cuts the Aces
  • Retention of Vision Change
  • Bottop Change
  • Improved Throw Change
  • The Fifth Peel
  • Covered Deck Switch
  • Three Deck Switches
  • Charlier Color Change + Effect
  • Shank Shuffle, Zarrow Shuffle
  • Aces Reversed
  • Card From Card Case
  • Illusion or Reality
  • Vanishing Aces
  • Flash Aces
  • A Trick to Take Home
  • Cards on Walls
  • Boomerang Card
  • On the Ace of Spades Trick
  • Ace of Spades Trick II
  • Clipped Spectator Cuts Aces
  • Shake the Spots Off
  • Faster than the World's Fastest
  • Marlo's Inflation (coins)
  • Marlo's Matrix Bonus (coins + cards)
  • Marlo's Card to Wallet
  • Marlo's Penciled Vanish (coins)
  • On the Poor Man's Key (linking rings)
  • This Rough on Hofzinser

1st edition 2000, length 1 h