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Seconds, Centers and Bottoms
by Edward Marlo


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Seconds, Centers and Bottoms by Edward Marlo

Watch the master as he goes through advanced dealing and pass techniques, as only Eddie could. Exclusive, historical footage is now available in a digital format for the first time for serious card workers everywhere. A great line from Marlo is: "The center deal is a glorified bottom deal - that is all it is."

  • Take versus Strike Seconds
  • One Hand and Extended Push-Off Seconds
  • Easy and No Touch Theory Seconds
  • Natural Second
  • On the Inward Take
  • Multiple Minus Bottom
  • Marlo on the Center Deal
  • Inner Corner Take Bottom
  • On the Bottom Deal Count
  • Havana Deals
  • Inward and Outward Deals
  • Straddle Bottom / Frictionless Bottom Deal
  • Bold Card Controls
  • Stabbed in the Bottom
  • Face Up Double Deal
  • Immediate Bottom Plus
  • Tilt and Bobble Passes
  • Spring, Dribble and Wrist Turn Passes
  • Marlo on Draw Shifts
  • Unconventional Passes
  • The Unit Deal

1st edition 2000, length 44 minutes