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Propless Premonition
by Unknown Mentalist

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Propless Premonition by Unknown Mentalist

The participant takes 2 decks. One red backed and other blue backed. Then discards approx half the cards in each deck, and chooses a card from one of the half decks and keeps it in the other half deck. Finally hands over the half deck with the different colored back selection in it, to the performer. And you miraculously know her selection in that half deck.

Wait a minute. Here are the other conditions of this effect.

  1. Both the performer and participant are on both sides of a voice call.
  2. Both the decks in play are completely imaginary decks.
  3. The participant does all this silently and secretly only in her mind.
  4. The participant "imagines" handing over the imaginary half deck to the performer over the phone.
  5. In spite of all this impossibility, the performer is able to take a picture of this imaginary deck he received with the different colored back selection in it, and sends that picture to the participant.
  6. As a performer, you may have to take some kind of precaution to prevent the participant from swooning after she receives your final picture on her phone.
There is no math, no anagrams, no memorization, no equivoque, no stooging, no dual reality and no sleights, of course, as it is propless. Just carry the method in your mind and you can perform it anytime, anywhere to anyone. And this works in almost any language. Also, you can perform this routine over voice call, video call or in face to face situations. This is really a high value idea being released at a low intro price, given the present global situation.

1st edition 2020, PDF 12 pages.
word count: 2201 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text