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Psi Apps by Bob Cassidy

Features "The Elementulum", "Bottled", "Dunningered", and "The Cooperative Almanac" - four completely routined original performance pieces.

  • The Elementulum is a pendulum routine that is visually stunning.

  • Bottled is among the rarest of mental effects - it is performed on a billiard or pool table! A spectator shuffles a pack of cards and scatters them face down all over a pool table. Pool cues are stood upright in each of the six pockets on the table to prevent any balls from being sunk during the effect.

    The performer writes a prediction which is placed in full view. The balls are racked and a second spectator calls out a number from one to fifteen. A third participant makes the break. The card nearest the ball bearing the selected number. That card is turned face up. It is the one predicted by the performer!!

    And note - everything may be examined. There is nothing to find.

  • Dunningered is about as direct an example of thought reading that you could ever desire.

  • The Cooperative Almanac is just that - an almanac that reveals details of a spectator's life that the performer could not possibly have known. It uses any unprepared almanac of the "Old Farmer's" variety.
These effects are thoroughly audience tested and are guaranteed to amaze. None of them are particularly difficult to do from a technical standpoint.

1st edition 2004; 29 pages.
word count: 8850 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text

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