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by Richard Paddon
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PsyLock by Richard Paddon
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The combination padlock has had a fair workout in magic and mentalism, but never quite like this!

"It fooled me.......I have to tell you I was fooled and some of the effects, like the chair effect, I think are great..." - David Regal - Reel Magic Magazine review

PsyLock uses a 10 digit combination padlock which utilizes a set of unusual and clever principles and ruses to unlock a diverse range of routines.

The performer never touches the lock before, during or after the routine in any of the routines. That's right - the performer NEVER has to touch the lock at all!

  • Only one combination of numbers opens the PsyLock.
  • Random combinations can be tested by the spectator at any time.
  • PsyLock is 100% hands off!
  • The spectator has completely free choices throughout the routines.
  • PsyLock is completely un-gimmicked.
The PsyLock DVD featuring Richard Paddon and Sean Taylor, has around 90 minutes of detailed instruction, four complete routines and dozens of hints, tips and advice.

Full performance and explanations of

ColourGram - The spectator uses their instincts and colour preferences to find the correct combination. Features a wonderful cold reading segment.

StopLock - From a huge stack of cards with literally dozens of possible combinations, the spectator is able to instinctively discover the correct numbers to open the lock.

BlindLock - A large bunch of combinations are placed blindly into a bag and mixed. The spectator draws a handful and narrows down to a single choice to successfully open the lock. The spectator has completely free choice.

PsyVelopes - Drawing on a unique deception from Karl Fulves and Max Maven, the spectator selects from 10 number cards and 10 instruction cards to somehow find the correct instructions on how to open the lock.

Included with the 90 minutes performance and instructional DVD are:

  • Sixty-page E-book with eight bonus routines for close-up, parlour and stage with dozens of ideas, resources, illustrations and colour photographs. Routines include the fabulous PsyLock Chair Test, MindLock and CrytsaLock. Presentations using cold reading with colours, trees, pets and symbols. Includes seven sample readings.
  • All the files and templates to print the cards required for some routines.
  • Bonus graphics files.
  • Information about the type of combination lock to use and where to obtain the lock and the perfect envelopes for the routines.
A description of the PsyLock Chair Test - This is exactly how it plays: On a table are five black envelopes and a box locked with a padlock. Five chairs are arranged in a straight line across the stage. Six spectators are selected. Spectator 1 is given charge of the locked box. The remaining five spectators mix the envelopes and each select an envelope of their choice and then sit in any one of the chairs. The selection of chairs is also a free choice. Spectator 1 tries to open the padlock with random combinations and fails to unlock the box. The performer explains that the lock requires a five-digit combination and the five numbers are in the envelopes. The seated five spectators now open their envelopes to remove a card. Each card has a single digit. They hold them up for all to see and/or call them out. The performer recaps there are hundreds of possible ways that the spectators could have arranged themselves and the numbers. That combination of numbers are now entered into the padlock in the order now displayed. The lock opens.


  • The spectators have a totally free choice of envelopes and chairs.
  • The envelopes and number cards could be kept by the spectators.
  • Use any box which could contain a small gift for each participant.
  • There is nothing to find.
  • There is no memory work for the performer.
  • No stooges. No magnets. No electronics. No forces.
  • The performer never touches the envelopes, chairs, box or padlock during the performance.
  • Perform close-up, parlour, stage.
PsyLock was originally released in 2009 as a limited numbered edition of just 100 units and was priced at $160.00! It quickly sold out. This package does not include any of the props (lock, cards, envelopes) but gives you everything else to perform these routines including where to obtain the un-gimmicked lock and envelopes for a fraction of the original price.
"Any of the provided routines are ideal for close-up can make any of the PsyLock routines play in even the largest venues." - Curtis Frye - Vibrations magazine review

"This nifty device is the thumb tip of Lock routines. Like the thumb tip, it relies on a simple concept that is the first step in creating some truly amazing routines. The lock itself is not the secret. What you choose to do with it is! The device that can be used in a multitude of different ways to create effects and routines that suit the performer. I enjoyed playing with the lock as an exercise in creativity, thinking up presentations to suit the methods and methods to suit various presentations. You can tell that Richard has done the same coming up with four very different routines. Of the four routines provided, Stoplock is by far the strongest. The spectator deals through a stock of 50-60 cards, each one printed with a DIFFERENT code. They stop whenever they wish. No force. The code they stop on opens the lock. The spectator can even try the codes before and after the one they stopped on and they will not open the lock!" NJJ - Magic Cafe review

"I purchased Psylock recently and tried it out in a show last night. I basically did the chair routine as decribed by Richard above but I presented it a little differently. I had the first spectator try some combinations in the lock. Then I had her mix the five envelopes and pass them out to the other spectators while my back was turned. Each read the number is his envelope then closed the envelope back up and put it out of site. I then turned around and read each spectators mind to sit them in the chairs in the right order. Once I did this they called out their numbers and that combination opened the lock! The reaction from the audience was unbelievable as I did not see the envelopes or the numbers at any time. It looked like pure mind-reading! The routine "Stoplock" as mentioned above is also really good, and it works exactly as read. In both cases I have the lock on a box that contains a gift, so now I always have a close-up or stage method to hand out a gift. Psylock is a fantastic bit of mentalism. It relies on a principle that you just take for granted, and so will your audience. The reactions you get from it are very strong, and to coin that old phrase it "packs small and plays big" (although the box you put it on might not!). My normally astute son has sat playing with the lock and still can't figure the method - I'm leaving him to stew!" - Nick Morton - Magic Cafe review

1st edition 2009, 1st digital edition 2016, PDF + video + supplements

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