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by Stephen Tucker

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Quartet by Stephen Tucker

Four cards (you could use jumbos) are shown. They are all the same on the face, but one has flipped face down. They are shown again and a second has flipped face down.

This is repeated until only one remains face up. You now ask if they'd like to 'see' the final card visibly flip face down? They would, but aren't too impressed when you simply remove it, and openly turn it over!

However, when the four cards are dealt face up to the table... they are now all completely different, and match the four freely 'forced' cards that they chose earlier!

This routine is great for mastering the Elmsley Count!

Comes with a bonus routine called Quintet.

1st edition 2005; 3 pages.
word count: 1580 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text