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Quick Change

by Jim Coles

(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Quick Change by Jim Coles

Offering to demonstrate a secret exercise that master pickpockets use to sharpen their skills, a small coin purse, a half dollar and a metal washer are given out for examination. The magician explains that the idea is to place the half dollar in the purse, which he does, and cause it to change places with the washer. The first time he merely rubs the washer along the bottom edge of the purse, yet when he brings his hand away it’s seen he’s holding the half dollar. The washer is dumped from the purse.

For the second phase, the half is placed in the purse and the washer is held at the magician’s left finger tips. By simply passing the purse before the washer, the two once again impossibly transpose.

Stating that the real challenge is to cause the switch to happen without the washer and purse actually touching, the magician places the half dollar inside the coin purse. He even has a spectator feel the coin inside. Holding the purse in his left hand, the magician picks up the washer with his right hand. He merely waves the purse beside his right hand, yet when he opens the hand it contains the half dollar! The washer has impossibly ended up back inside the purse.

  • The purse, washer, and half dollar may be examined before the magic begins -- and after if you so desire!
  • Resets instantly.
  • Perfect for walk around/restaurants and compact enough to be carried anywhere anytime.
  • No wires, threads, shells, wax, glue, or other sticky substance used. No fuss no muss!
  • Easy enough for any skill level. No matter where you are as a magician, Quick Change can be mastered by you! (Ebook includes 42 photographs explaining every phase of the routine.)
1st edition 2008; 41 pages.
word count: 3674 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text
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