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R.E.A.C.T. Reloaded
by Biagio Fasano

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R.E.A.C.T. Reloaded by Biagio Fasano

A mentalism effect, also possible at a distance (in video chat or just on the telephone), in which you will incredibly succeed to guess, at the end of the experiment, where the card thought by the spectator is found among four ones freely chosen by him, even though you will never see the cards and never know if he decided to lie or not when answering the three simple questions you will ask him.

Key points:

  • Simple and fun to perform in any situation, including remote phone call
  • It does not require any memory effort
  • A visual and immediate method always allows the performer to identify the position of the card
  • Alternatively, four elementary calculations will be sufficient, which could be performed only with the fingers of the hands
  • The mentalist never needs to see the cards
  • Even knowing at the end only the position of the chosen card, through the use of subtle verbal tricks, spectators will have the clear impression that everything is known: the side of the card and whether the spectator has decided to lie or not.

A second possible effect (and other ideas about using different items, as chocolate bars!) is described in which the spectator receives four white cards, blank on both sides, on which he can write freely eight different names of friends or famous people of his choice, and among them he secretly chooses one. In this second experiment he will have to answer the three questions sincerely, but in addition the mentalist will now be able to reveal not only the position but also on which side of the card the chosen name is written.

Why "Reloaded"?

Because, following the English publication of R.E.A.C.T. I received, in addition to the compliments of distinguished authors in the field of magic and mentalism, also useful suggestions that, with the permission of their authors, I was able to include for the first time in this new edition.

"... Completely hands-off and self-working ... It can be performed over the phone, on Zoom, etc. ... The performer does not see the cards at any time! ... It works 100% of the time ... Two alternative methods are taught: one of these is very easy ... Full and clear explanation of the underlying principle ... Other presentations and extensions of the principle are possible. The method is ingenious, very deceptive, and almost impossible to backtrack. Martin Gardner would have loved this! ... Overall, I really like this. Congratulations, Biagio, on a fine effect and for discovering a fascinating principle." - Michael Daniels

"... I must say that you did a great job, very nice also from the graphic point of view ... It reminds me of the times I have read Martin Gardner's books ... Bravo, I congratulate you!" - Pino Rolle.

"... The continuous production from Biagio's fervent mind has in recent days created an unpublished effect of mentalism more than suitable for remote performance ... The true magical strength of this effect ... is evident in considering) that the deck of cards is own by the spectator, who can still be very far from the magician, in a completely different place. A key feature for an effect to be truly magical in the eyes of the public is its "simplicity": it must be understandable by the viewer (as opposed to the trick that allows it to be performed!) ... And this effect is exemplary in this sense, not only including these aspects, but all that true Magic requires to amaze and astonish the viewer's mind ..." - Paolo Demartini

"... A collective reflection flourished in your beautiful work! Congrats." - Mariano Tomatis

"I can attest that it has passed the wife test. I like it a lot... I have found this to be baffling every time it's performed." - Oscar999

"I classified the routine as a typical "Werner Miller"-routine, who created many "flipping-over & rolling" routines. A bit of "Leo Boudreau" was "crossed in" for this purpose... [both of them] are cited as an inspiration. Nevertheless, the routine is an original creation... The booklet is written in great detail and left no questions... The trick is usable for a demonstration at a distance ... and I like the liar-truthteller plot as a mental theme." - Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

"I love the «Reloaded» version, the updated version of Biagio's «R.E.A.C.T.» He has wholly improved the layout and the quality of pictures and tables. I wish I can design so! Biagio has included fresh ideas he received. My favorite is the Miller version with chocolate bars! Clever idea, I eat the chocolate inside, getting the material for a fantastic trick. This is called a win-win situation!" - Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

2nd edition 2021, PDF 19 pages.
word count: 5441 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text