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Recycling Stebbins Again
by Steve Sanders

#3 Free author
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Recycling Stebbins Again by Steve Sanders

More fun with the original Si Stebbins Stacked deck. Contains an explanation of the original Si Stebbins stack and how to set up any deck of cards in that order.

Four different effects using the stack:

Kind of a Four
The spectator chooses a card and the performer prognosticates what that card is by looking at 'indicator' cards. Eventually, the 'indicator' cards are shown to be the three 'mates', matching the value of the chosen card, making four of a kind in all.

Curried Stebbins
A version of Paul Curry's Out of this World where two spectators randomly pick cards and it transpires that one spectator chose all the red cards whilst the other chose all the black.

A spectator freely takes a group of cards from the top, bottom or middle of deck and while those cards are in their hands are asked to choose a random number and count down and note the card at that number, ensuring that a totally random card is picked, without being forced or influenced in any way. The packet of cards is shuffled by the spectator and spread face up on the table. The spectator holds the magician's wrist as he points to the cards in turn. The magician indicating that he is using subtle, unconscious movements from the spectator to identify the card. Muscle reading or Hellstromism - and it is found to be successful as the magician eventually indicates the spectator's card.

Extra Stebbins Perception
The cards are placed upon the table in the form of a mysterious triangle or pyramid. A spectator is then asked to come forward and demonstrate their powers of ESP. One by one, cards are dealt onto the top of the pyramid cards, each time the magician asking the spectator if he thinks that the values of both the unseen cards match or not. Finally, all the cards are turned over - showing pairs of cards where the spectator indicated that they would match and unmatched pairs where he said they would not. What a clever spectator!

1st edition 2018, 12 pages.
word count: 3054 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text