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Remote Close Up 16
by Renzo Grosso

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Remote Close Up 16 by Renzo Grosso

I love the mentalism effects on the phone, and I often use them in close-up and sometimes - appropriately modified - stage performances. I have collected more than 100, in the last 2 years and, slowly, I am proposing them with these publications. Some draw inspiration from real "pearls" of great artists, which I allowed myself to face, with extreme humility, developing them with a new setting, sometimes adding some interesting details. Others are a little older, even centuries, maybe even well known, but they are often "disruptive" as never before! Still, others are mine or, better said, by dint of learning from the masters, I was able to develop "my" routines. I share everything with pleasure!

In this ebook you will find:

THE WISDOM: a famous effect of the great Tamariz, to be proposed on the phone or the radio, even to a large group of people; I have often proposed it at corporate events, where I used cards and colored pencils, and here I propose one of those versions.

RANDOM COUNTED CARDS: a "classic", learned many years ago, I don't know from whom, at the club: I tried to define the principle, to make immediate repetition possible, forcing a different number of cards.

AND THUS WAS CAOS: another Grande Maestro, for whom I have a particular affection: Aldo Colombini. I tried, as he often pointed out in his seminars, to “invent” my presentation, and this is what I propose to you.

ORDERED CASUALTY: The concept of yin (black) and yang (white) is also reflected in every aspect of nature; they represent opposite qualities even of the same object but are complementary.

A GOOD POKER PLAYER: 5 players, the cards dealt… then the change, the new deal…. Who will win?

AND YOUR CARD IS: 3 packs of 6 cards but only one is the pack of truth!

1st edition 2022, PDF 21 pages.
word count: 3451 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text