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Remote Close Up 4
by Renzo Grosso


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Remote Close Up 4 by Renzo Grosso

The effects on the phone have become, for me, almost an obsession. I have, for now, collected more than 100 and, slowly, I am proposing them with these publications. Some draw inspiration from real "pearls" of great artists, which I allowed myself to face, with extreme humility, developing them with a new setting, sometimes adding some interesting details. Others are a little older, even centuries, maybe even well known, but they are often "disruptive" as never before. I share them with pleasure.

In this booklet you will find:

It is said that the cards think to be the prima donna: if they participate in a show they pretend to make a good impression, always. A simple mathematical principle, applicable to any set of cards; you can replicate the effect immediately, by adding or removing some cards, demonstrating the adaptability of the cards to different situations in life. A special thanks to Davide Rubat Remond for sharing this intuition of his, and another big thank you, to Mariano Tomatis who with his "pills" encourages all of us to think about effects, situations, numbers, papers, drawings, and texts that often, without his "stimulus" we underestimate or take little into consideration

We will try, with this effect, to act differently compared to a normal presentation: we will identify the basic principle, and then we will try to propose together one or more endings, different from each other.

The great Lino Banfi recently said that, when he was young and began to work in the field of entertainment, immediately after the Second World War, he accepted any offer, to earn something and gain experience in the theatrical arts: from the humblest jobs to others, perhaps not showy: all have increased his artistic baggage. Among these experiences, Lino remembers having "snatched" some secrets from an illusionist who performed in the variety theater and who had asked him to be his assistant. Lino Banfi proposed his version of this classic to a successful television program, with the grace and professionalism that distinguish it; in this publication, I have done nothing but "modify" some introductory steps of the presentation, keeping alive the principle ... centuries old!

Another great classic, which I discovered from a version by Bob Hammer and Charles Hudson; I have done nothing but contribute to the creation of the "dress", already beautiful and exciting in itself.

Also in this case I wanted to study the principle so that it could be applied to any (almost) number of coins taken by the spectator in his wallet. There is no need to force the number of coins; you can ask: we play with coins, how many do we play? 6, 7, 8? If the spectator, on the other end of the phone, had no coins, they can be drawn on a sheet or, again, the cards can be used: you will find tables with indications for various sets of cards or coins.

I found, at the bottom of a drawer, the notes of a conference by Aldo Colombini; I don't remember if during the conference itself, or after, along with the classic stirrup glass, I had learned this effect. It is beautiful, simple, it adapts to anyone's name and surname and can be proposed over the phone: I can't ask for anything else.

Also in this case I put "a light dress" with a simple and effective effect, by the great Aldo; I don't say anything else, I would repeat my boundless admiration for the Master.

1st edition 2021, PDF 35 pages.
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