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Remote Close Up 6
by Renzo Grosso

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Remote Close Up 6 by Renzo Grosso

Numbers have tremendous power. They rule life and the universe. There is no living being, molecule, event, evolution that cannot be described with an algorithm, a mathematical formula. Numbers, everywhere. From the speed of light to the circumference of the earth, to the inhabitants of the world, to the ATM pin. And then your lucky number, the number of destiny, bad luck, infinity ...

In my methodical (and obstinate) search for effects to be proposed on the phone, numbers are the absolute protagonist. Except for a few small tricks, they are all a consequence of one or more mathematical principles. If, however, so far we have mainly seen effects with playing cards, I would also like to share some collections "without cards", using coins, tickets, mnemonics or calculation procedures performed with paper and pen.

The tickets, then, have a fantastic property: they allow a particular personalization; I often use them in company meetings, parties or birthdays or theme nights; for example, putting the name of the birthday boy on a note, mixing it up and revealing it later, or involving groups and people: always a great success!

In this booklet you will find:

BROKEN AND RE-COMPOSED COUPLE: an effect to be proposed, as well as on the telephone, on the radio, also to an unlimited number of people; the use of tickets, rather than playing cards, allows for a themed "acclimatization".

CRAZY POKER, WITH CARD OR COINS: classic “impromptu” game, taking a handful of coins from your wallet.

NUMBERS AND MIRACLES: I have put together three different principles, not so much intending to create yet another routine, but to stimulate the creation of new effects by applying known principles together.

EVEN OR ODD? another classic impromptu, simple and effective.

THE ROMAN NUMBERS: Four spectacular effects, elaborated from originals by two "greats" (Aldo Colombini and Jim Steinmeyer) using tickets instead of cards.

ART IS MAGIC, MAGIC IS ART! I have always argued that using business cards or blank cards, to play close-up games, is useful when performing services for companies or groups of people. I once attended a dinner of art experts and I used this routine of doves, adapted. It can be repeated on the phone as it is. Good fun!

LOVE ALWAYS WINS: another classic effect that I propose using paper and tickets instead of playing cards: very useful for customizing the effects during meetings, parties, birthdays.

FREE CHOICE: almost everyone knows this effect ... but I'll add it anyway, maybe someone doesn't know it yet; however, on the phone, it always makes you look good.

1st edition 2021, PDF 33 pages.
word count: 7237 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text