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Repeat Bill in Lemon Effect (Version 1)
by Devin Knight

#2 Gambling author
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Repeat Bill in Lemon Effect (Version 1) by Devin Knight

"REPEAT BILL IN LEMON is simply PURE SIMPLE GENIUS and to think that 2 years ago I invested $250 dollars in Doug Malloy's THE LEMON GAME. I paid less than $10 for Devin's method and I can do it twice!" - Carl de Rome, Norway

Here is something that Devin Knight kept under wraps for more than 25 years. Imagine doing the bill in lemon with a borrowed bill and immediately repeating it with two lemons that have been in full view on the table at all times. The lemons are NOT concealed in a bag. Both lemons can be examined before the effect begins and there is NO SWITCHING of the lemons. No fancy gimmicks, you can do this using things you have around the house right now. This method is ultra-clean and is more amazing than those bill in lemons selling for several hundred dollars. This is the professional routine that Devin uses in his own act.

This is a killer effect and is a version your audiences have not seen before. Do NOT confuse this with Michael Ammar's Resealing Lemon. This method is completely different.

Effect: The performer borrows a dollar bill from a spectator and has the participant read off the serial number. The performer writes the serial number on a whiteboard so the audience can see it.

The performer calls attention to two lemons on a table. The lemons may freely be shown on all sides, as there are no secret openings to conceal. He has the participant who loaned the bill pick up one of the lemons and retain it in full view. The other lemon is left on the table. The performer says the lemon left on the table will be the target lemon. The performer shows a hank, folds the bill into a small packet and puts the bill inside the hank. He snaps the hank toward the lemon on the table. The bill has vanished.

The performer shows his hands to be empty, takes a knife, and cuts off the upper part of the lemon. He reaches inside the lemon and pulls out a folded bill. The performer hands the folded bill to the participant, and has him unfold the bill and read the serial number aloud. It is the same serial number written on the whiteboard!

Performer says he would like to try something else. He tears off a corner from the SAME bill and gives it to the participant to keep. The participant puts the lemon he has been holding back on the table. The performer rolls the bill into a cylinder shape and puts it inside the hank. He says, "Since I didn't fold the bill into a small packet, maybe we will get a different result." The performer snaps the hank and again the bill vanishes.

Showing his hands empty, he takes the lemon from the table and cuts the lemon open. This time, the bill inside the lemon is seen to be rolled up, instead of folded. The performer says he does not want to touch the bill. He has the participant remove the bill and unroll it. The bill is missing a corner! The participant reads off the serial number, it is the same number as written on the whiteboard! For a climax, the participant shows the torn corner he is holding; it matches the bill! The performer has done the bill in lemon two times in a row USING THE SAME BILL and used a different method each time. The fact that the bill appears inside the lemon in the shape it was vanished is a very novel approach. First, the bill was folded into a small packet and vanished. It appeared in the lemon folded the same way. The second time the bill was rolled up, vanished, and appeared in the second lemon rolled up!

The participant may keep his bill as a souvenir, as it is ungimmicked, or the performer may exchange it for a fresh bill.


  • Easy To Do
  • No Difficult Sleight Of Hand
  • Lemons Are In Full View Not Concealed
  • There Are NO Secret Openings In The Lemons
  • Uses A Borrowed Bill
  • You Immediately Repeat The Effect With The Same Bill!

1st edition 2013, 12 pages.
word count: 3542 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text