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Repeat Pantsposition
by Scott F. Guinn

#2 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Repeat Pantsposition by Scott F. Guinn


Each of two audience members (our good friends Bob and Sue) select a card and sign its face. Sue's card (the 3S) is placed on top of the deck, while Bob's (the KD) is placed in your pants pocket. You put Sue's card, reversed, in the center of the deck. After a magical gesture, the deck is spread, and... the reversed card at the center is Bob's signed KD! Remarking that you thought you put Bob's card in your pocket, you reach into said pocket and remove the card--only to find that it is Sue's signed 3S!

Sue's card is placed on top of the deck and Bob's card goes in the middle of the deck. But when you snap your fingers, it is Bob's card on top of the deck! So Sue's must be in the middle. However, when you spread the deck face up, Sue's card is conspicuously absent. Could it be...? You clearly show your hand empty before slowly and fairly reaching into your pocket. You remove one card--Sue's signed card! Your pocket is empty and you are 100% clean.

This is a wonderfully magical and entertaining anytime, anywhere card routine that can be done with virtually any deck. The construction is tight, the moves motivated, and the impact is incredible. Thoroughly explained in this 24-page ebook with 22 accompanying photographs. A strong, professional routine you'll use for the rest of your life!

"VERRRRRRRY COOL ROUTINE!! Scott hits a grand slam with this one. Elegant handling, sound structuring, I can't wait to get to work on this!!" - Joe Caracciolo (a.k.a Vlad Florescu)

"This is a real life routine. It became a favorite of mine after the first reading! Again a great job, Scott!" - Peter Vanspauwen

"Very cool! This is really, really good! I love routines like this--simple and highly effective." - Cameron Francis

"This routine doesn't just hit 'em once. It packs a one-two punch and then an uppercut to knock 'em on the floor. Transposition effects are sometimes hard to follow. Not so with PANTS. It is very well thought out, easy to follow and better yet, easy to do. All you need is a sharpie, a pair of pants and a deck of cards which does NOT have to be complete and no set-up is required. Scott gives you a link to his site for a (FREE) ebook with two of his easy to master sleights that makes this trick into a real worker. Not that you couldn't do this trick using sleights you already know, but these two make it very natural and easy to accomplish. I highly recommend this to anyone who owns a deck of cards and a pair of pants!" - Alec "Slyhand" Negri

"This routine is a two card transposition and card to pocket repeat (all impromptu, no gaffs or extras)--two of the strongest effects for real people in one routine. Like everything I've gotten from Scott this is a professionally put together ebook. Scott goes over everything in great detail from beginning to end. No fluff or extra moves to confuse your spectators, they will clearly know what's happening throughout the routine. This is perfect for the walkaround, restaurant, or party magician. Consider this routine added to my repertoire. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!" - Tim Feher

"Highly recommended! This routine uses a shuffled deck and no force is required. It's perfect for the strolling venues I work. Not only that, but Scott offers versions of sleights that are extremely easy to do; there's nothing to be afraid of in this routine. This is one I will be using. So should you." - Jim Kasmir

1st edition 2010; 24 pages.
word count: 3689 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text