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Magic Medley

reviewed by Marc DeSouza
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 20 March, 2017)

Magic MedleyMagic Medley is Paul Lelekis' latest manuscript of, primarily, close-up magic. This well written booklet is 28 pages of very commercial magic. The skill level is from novice to intermediate. Paul begins with an excellent essay on taking control of your audience. This is simple yet important advice that all should strive to adhere to. The material that follows are mostly Paul's variations and personal handlings of some terrific magic created by others. Some are known, but most are hidden in the recesses of rarely referred to texts. There are four card routines (Miracle Sandwich is especially good, although a little challenging), three coin routines, a very strong Ring on Wand handling, a comedy silk vanish (spoiler alert, this involves exposure of a magic secret to your audience) and even a Blendo routine based on a Milbourne Christopher effect. Although these are not original effects, Paul always provides good crediting and helps rescue some great magic that might otherwise be forgotten. This is really good value for money, since you are likely to find something here to add to your own repertoire.

Magic Variety Pack

reviewed by Marc DeSouza
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 28 December, 2016)

Magic Variety PackHere is another terrific collection of mostly close-up magic for the performers. Many of these are classic and neo-classic routines that have been created or used by others, but Paul gives us his personalized handlings that are obviously from the repertoire of a worker. Paul begins with some tips that offer some very sage advice for those who wish to perform for laymen. First up is EZ Cards Across, a very aptly named routine. I use Cards Across a lot, but mine requires several palms and holding out cards. Not so here; this version relies on subtleties and a very simple move. Close Up Color Changing Silk is next and this is a fun commercial routine well within the capabilities of most. Two Coins is a multi-phased routine with lots of action and a kicker finish. Nice thinking here. His EZ Torn and Restored Card is a very direct version of this currently popular trick. Despite the simplicity, it will get the job done and will fool laymen., His Wine Bottle Production is a nice opener for the stand-up performer. This would be a great way to lead in to a Coin in Bottle routine. Paul offers a very in depth tutorial on The Biddle Trick and it is a real winner...a worthy addition to anyone's close up repertoire. Under the heading Quickies, he offers many suggestions for both the technique and effects using The Top Change and Double/Triple Turnovers. In addition, there are several more card techniques and effects discussed. This is a bargain for anyone looking to add some new material to their tool box, as well as get some great insight into magic from a real pro.

Osmosis II

reviewed by Marc DeSouza
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 19 October, 2016)

Osmosis IIThis is a very enjoyable and eye-opening book. IT contains a number of really commercial routines for both the working performer and hobbyist. More importantly, it is chock full of very fine advice for magicians at all levels of skill and experience, as well as some fine techniques. The majority of the routines in this book are based in tried and true effects that are in the "lexicon" of current magic, but he has a worthwhile tip, a nice script addition or gag or a change in handling for each of them. It is apparent that Paul is a worker and everything in this book is demonstration of that. There are some old chestnuts that Paul teaches in here that are well worth this second look. Even though you may think they are "old hat", look at what Paul has done with them and consider that he uses this material for "real people". Strong stuff here. There are several bonus videos that come along with this package and, although simply shot, provide more than adequate views of what he intends to illustrate. I especially liked the footage about the three passes he uses. These techniques take work, but use these videos as a good guideline of what they are supposed to look like. All in all, I think Osmosis II is a great value and should be acquired and absorbed by any magician who wants to improve their performance skills and learn some great new effects too.

The MagiCIAn: John Mulholland's Secret Life, 2nd Edition

reviewed by Marc DeSouza
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 18 June, 2009)

The MagiCIAn: John Mulholland's Secret Life, 2nd EditionI had the pleasure of hosting Ben Robinson at our home/theatre last week, to deliver a lecture on the subject of this book, John Mulholland. He enthralled the entire audience for nearly two hours with stories of Mulholland's life as a performer, author, lecturer, editor and consultant to the CIA. As a bonus, he performed several of Mulholland's signature effects and even taught one of them. All in all, a very informative, entertaining and fascinating evening for all. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in magical history and if Robinson is appearing anywhere near your area, do not miss him.

Marc DeSouza

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews) Pages:  1 
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