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Osmosis II
by Paul A. Lelekis


(6 reviews, 9 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Osmosis II by Paul A. Lelekis

My e-book, Osmosis, was #1 on the "Hot List" for quite a while and prompted this second e-book!.

Osmosis II is an even greater eclectic collection of many routines, ideas, illusions, and fun. This e-book is loaded. Plus many pix and five videos are included to best understand every nuance. Look at what is many more routines below.

1) Marlo's Poker Deal - Mike Skinner has his own rendition of this amazing Poker Deal that even fooled Larry Jennings. The spectator shuffles the deck and then deals out a 5-handed game of Poker...the spectator has dealt himself the four Aces.

2) Comedy Card 'Mis-call' - The magician has apparently found the wrong card...until he shows it again. This hilarious routine uses a clever "play on words" that will have the spectators laughing hard.

3) Adduced Ace Cutting - A full showcase routine, based on a Stewart James effect with excellent spectator interaction.

4) Comedy "Control" - Learn a very little-known patter secret that will catapult you into the "Professional" status.

5) Professional Misdirection II - So if you were excited by P.M. in the first Osmosis...wait until you learn this amazing, little-known, underground secret about misdirection that will elevate your "game" to the next level.

6) Jumbo Coin Production - Add this sub-routine to a coin routine you now have. Make a coin vanish, re-appear, pass through your pants...and then visibly 'morph' into a Jumbo coin. There are two videos that come with this routine.

7) Some Optical Illusions for you to enjoy - It's FUN TIME!

8) Hand Stuff. This is an article from Bill Spooner's Journal of Magic Research that explores different, salves, powders, and lotions to remedy those "dry hands" when performing.

9) A Collection of Tricks and Ideas

  • Here are seven more routines, tricks, improvements, and great ideas to make your magic even more entertaining
  • Wait until you see the "Boomerang" Illusion or Jastrow Illusion. Trust me...when you see the "change" I made in this'll go nuts. You're going to love this!
  • Want to learn all about the Faro Shuffle and how to make it easy to perform? It's all right here!
  • An amazing Copper-Silver Transposition
  • Want to learn a really cool opening for the Color Changing Knives? Now you have the perfect opener.
  • A great Torn and Restored Napkin
  • Paul Curry's Swindle Switch
  • The spectator shuffles the deck and yet it remains in perfect order.
  • CLIPPO! - The perfect kiddie-show effect.
10) A Tale of the Jacks - Learn the rich history of the Knaves or Jacks. Paul provides the very origins of the Jacks and their very colorful "ascension through time". Learn this history to enrich your patter and please your spectators. This is really important stuff.

11) Passes - Included are three videos of Paul teaching The Classic Pass, The Jiggle Pass, and The Midnight Shift. Learn these three excellent Passes to take that "quantum leap" in your card magic. Raise those eyebrows.

1st edition 2016, 34 pages.

Reviewed by Marc DeSouza
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 19 October, 2016

This is a very enjoyable and eye-opening book. IT contains a number of really commercial routines for both the working performer and hobbyist. More importantly, it is chock full of very fine advice for magicians at all levels of skill and experience, as well as some fine techniques. The majority of the routines in this book are based in tried and true effects that are in the "lexicon" of current magic, but he has a worthwhile tip, a nice script addition or gag or a change in handling for each of them. It is apparent that Paul is a worker and everything in this book is demonstration of that. There are some old chestnuts that Paul teaches in here that are well worth this second look. Even though you may think they are "old hat", look at what Paul has done with them and consider that he uses this material for "real people". Strong stuff here. There are several bonus videos that come along with this package and, although simply shot, provide more than adequate views of what he intends to illustrate. I especially liked the footage about the three passes he uses. These techniques take work, but use these videos as a good guideline of what they are supposed to look like. All in all, I think Osmosis II is a great value and should be acquired and absorbed by any magician who wants to improve their performance skills and learn some great new effects too.

Reviewed by Michael Lyth (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 18 October, 2016

What Rick Carruth revue says. But importantly the advice within the work is sound as is the authors handling of the effects to amaze and astound spectators and excellent value for money for any card workers especially affordable for the younger magicians better food for the mind better than junk food attacking the body

Reviewed by Rick Carruth
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 16 October, 2016

OSMOSIS II - Paul A Lelekis' Latest Ebook - A Review It seems as if I just reviewed the first Osmosis. Honestly, Paul writes 'em faster than I can review them. That said, it certainly doesn't mean Osmosis II is lacking in content. I believe there is MORE content in the second edition than in the first.

As I mentioned in the first review, I really liked it, in part because there was such a wide array of effects, helpful tips and information. I like diversity. I like small doses of magic converged with insightful writing. And I like effects I can understand. Those of you who know me from the Magic Roadshow know how I like to create issues full of a little bit of everything. Osmosis II reminds me of a Roadshow - It doesn't matter your skill level.. there's something for everyone, from the beginner to the pro. Paul has the ability to pick effects from some of the giants of magic, add his personal twists, and make it easily performable.. even for a klutz like myself. The first three effects are all good examples. Michael Skinner's version of Marlo's Poker Deal, Comedy Card Mis-call, and Paul's reworking of a Stewart James classic Ace Cutting routine. Now, when I say Paul makes effects 'easily performable', I wasn't necessarily meaning all his effects are easily performable by everyone. These three are all in the intermediate range and take a little practice.. but that's only fair as we aren't talking 'self-working' here. Divided among the three effects, if you can perform nice double-lifts, a false cut, hold a little finger break, perform double undercuts to the bottom or top, and carry out a false count (after explicit directions from Paul).. you can perform all three like a BOSS.. The Ace Cutting routine is the more difficult of the three, but considering the spectator shuffled the deck prior to the reveal, is well worth the extra effort. Paul includes his personal patter, and even a little 'blue' humor if you're so inclined and in the right company, to each effect, along with handling tips that simplify the working and practicality. 'An Example of Comedy Control' takes advantage of crowd psychology and helps gain control of a small group of spectators through comedy, making them super-receptive to your magic -without- the use of curse words, firearms, ancient cutting weapons, obnoxious animals, and alcohol. Just a matter of saying the right thing, and waiting on them to take the bait... 'Osmosis I' featured a brilliant bit of professional misdirection. 'Osmosis II' doubles down with another extremely useful treatise designed to provide ample cover for all those double undercuts, and other similar sleights, you used in conjunction with the first three effects. Nice... Paul included another of his favorite coin routines in Jumbo Coin Production. Anyone who has experienced the look of amazement on a spectator's face when you produce a big-ass coin knows the value of a good giant coin reveal.. I am not a good one to critique coin manipulation.. remember, I'm a klutz, so I'll have to leave the validity of this effect to those of you who are.. 'Take a Break with some Optical Illusions!'.. One of those sneaky little diversions we renaissance men like to toss amongst our genius.. To quote Paul's Table of Content, the next feature is... ' Hand Stuff - Here is an excerpt from Bill Spooner’s JOURNAL of MAGIC RESEARCH by Bill Wysong giving a list of creams, solids and powders for applying to our dry hands for manipulations… especially with cards!'.. I consider this so vital I ran an article in my last Magic Roadshow about properly preparing your hands for a performance. For years I couldn't figure how certain magicians had fingertip control over a deck of cards, able to perform effortless second deals and false counts.. until I discovered it wasn't ALL natural ability.... Welcome to the REAL underground... Color Changing Knives, Torn and Restored Napkins, Coin Transposition, Money Transportation, An Idea and Routine with an Optical Illusion, Paul Curry's Swindle Switch, Clippo, and a very detailed section on the Faro Shuffle converge in a section Paul calls:

"An eclectic collection of ideas and tricks for you to apply, peruse, and/or integrate into your shows.."

They are just that... a collection of magical thoughts and studies that cover a wide array of props. I think I mentioned in my last review that these can be the most valuable of all. As magicians, we are always looking for a useful tip or trick.. and often judge a book or dvd by how many 'tips' we garnered from it. I have so many 'resources', some very expensive, that resulted in absolutely nothing worthwhile, at least as far as my magic is concerned. Osmosis I and II both provided me with several effects/tips I added to my repertoire.. and that is my highest compliment. The last section of Osmosis II turned from magic to magic history. Knowing the history of cards, or in this case, one particular card, the Jack, gives your magic a dose of authenticity and realism. We all think of the face cards as 'Royalty'.. but that's not completely true... Paul says: "The Jack or Knave was NOT a term used to indicate royalty as many think today. These terms were used to indicate a dishonest male, a male servant or a male of humble position in society. These terms are also used to indicate a deceitful male. Jacks or Knaves are also used to describe a thief, murderer, a villain or even a monster! Many will remember the most famous of serial murderers, Jack the Ripper. No one knew who Jack the Ripper was, but the term “Jack” was used to describe him!"... I can honestly say I didn't know that... The complete history of the JACK is described in a way that makes you want to go out an impress someone right now! Paul says, "Girls who wear glasses still can’t see your passes!".. So, to add a definite professionalism to your performances he included videos of his three most-used passes.…the Classic Pass, the Jiggle Pass (my favorite), and Steve Draun’s Midnight Shift. This was a nice way to finish off Osmosis II, with a tutorial of perhaps the most honored of all magic sleights. So many magicians gave up on the pass long ago, and these three videos may be the motivation you need to reevaluate their essential qualities. Who knows.. maybe this time next year you will have mastered the greatest of the most humble of artistic pursuits... the one skill that, once mastered, goes totally unseen. Bummer... But you better believe that other magicians, unlike other artists, both know and appreciate it's perfection. OSMOSIS II is 35 pages in length and available exclusively through for $10.00 (Instant download) Available October 15th, 2016.. This is Paul's 37th ebook, and in my opinion, one of his very best...

Rick Carruth - The Magic Roadshow

Reviewed by Christopher Weber
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 16 October, 2016

Osmosis II by Paul Lelekis is another superb collection of great tricks and tons of useful tips and information to make you a better performer. For starters, Paul teaches some very practical handling of classic effects like the Marlo Poker Deal and the James Ace Cutting/Production routine. As always the moves are economical, clean and direct and designed to avoid all suspicion. An original Comedy Card Quickie, a wonderful Jumbo Coin production idea, and some real world Comedy Control advice round out the main chapters and will help you bring your performances up to a new level. Paul’s books go way beyond just teaching some tricks. This one is no exception. The chapters on Professional Misdirection and on Hand Care (much overlooked but very important!) alone are worth the price of the book. I really enjoyed the additional chapters on fun stuff like some really cool Optical Illusions, the History of the Jacks, and a Collection of neat little Quick Tricks that are perfect ice breakers or attention getters. And if that’s not enough, Paul includes some great work on Passes and the Faro Shuffle. His treatments and Attitude/Philosophy of these useful moves help you take the fear out of performing them. There is a ton of material here. All very clearly laid out and designed to make you a better Performer/Entertainer. I don’t know how Paul keeps coming up with all this great stuff, but I’m sure glad he does. If you have Osmosis I, you’ll know that Osmosis II is a must have!

Reviewed by Enrico Varella
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 16 October, 2016

Osmosis 1 received its due recognition, and I am glad. That Osmosis 2 is a sequel to that, I am grateful for. When a busily, working, professional-magician tips the mitt on his ‘Workers’ and approach to Audience Management – you respond by running fast. You have not run fast enough, until you have applied at least one piece out of this large collection of tested-and-proven routines. In this new volume (his 37th eBook), I enjoyed many new pieces of card magic, however I enjoyed the chapters on Comedy Control, Professional Misdirection, Jumbo Coin Production, doing the Passes, and the story behind the Jacks in a deck. Read it, test it out, and Lelekis’s ideas may transfer to you by osmosis –through that thin membrane that separates your trick from your magic.

Reviewed by Roy Eidem
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 16 October, 2016

"Osmosis II" is a little gem from a man who exclusively makes his living performing & entertaining real people with magic. His work & multiple videos included with the book are wonderful lessons for any student of magic. He has hammered out real magic to play strong in the real world. I especially like & now use his tips on misdirection. Money well spent.